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Rain Machine  ̴  E L E K T R Λ

Rain Machine

Eco-friendly rain inducing technology.

Through a process called ionization, is able to induce rainfall within a 15-mile radius of a single system and can provide targeted rainfall. Our system is able to boost precipitation levels from 50%-400%

The goal

  • To transform our knowledge of natural processes creating clouds through ionization into practical application for the local weather correction
  • Accumulate the vapor contained over the land to form the clouds
  • Stimulate rainfall (from the clouds) in the desired area
  • Control the process

Natural and Lab Ancestors

  • Cloud creation by the fluxes of galactic cosmic rays (95% correlation of GCR fluxes variations with the global cloud coverage)
  • Creation of linear cloud structures over the active tectonic faults due to water vapor condensation on the ions created by radon air molecules ionization
  • Laboratory experiments with the coronal discharge demonstrating the ions hydration and formation of nucleus for water drops

Our Technology

  • Based on network of installations which modulate the ion concentration through electrostatic field air ionization to accumulate nucleation centers in the atmosphere for cloud formation
  • The process continuous till condensation become sufficient to start the creation of clouds
  • Special regime of EF applied to installation creates the instability to force the rainfall

Operation Regime

  • Initiation time – normally about 24 hours
  • Coverage – about 15 miles radii for single installation
  • Expected rainfall increase 300 million gallons of water/day on average
  • Shutdown time – rain stops approximately one hour after deactivation

System Components

  • Ionization construction
  • Power supply
  • Remote control device
  • Total Power consumption – around 2kW

Control / Operational

  • Control of entire system may be from mobile or fix located center
  • Special operational regime allows an opposite effect – prevention of clouds or fog formation
  • Remote control device
  • Personal – group of three technicians for each ten systems