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Roboscan  ̴  E L E K T R Λ


The most advanced gamma scanning and radioactive materials detection technology on the world market

We create tailor-made turn-key solutions for the deployment of the ROBOSCAN line of high-energy cargo scanning systems and offer Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) and technical assistance and management/support services.

ROBOSCAN is the most advanced gamma scanning and radioactive materials detection technology on the world market, and is also one of the most operationally efficient and cost effective solutions available.


1. Unique Patented Technology And Features Package

ROBOSCAN is the only mobile cargo scanner in the world which is fully robotized, integrating a driver-less facility, being operated from a totally safe distance by a single operator via a wireless control center that can be supplied integrated in 4 variants; a hardened Pelican Case, a caravan trailer, a specialized vehicle or an office ISO container.

The patented principle of remote operation of a scanner allows to reduce down to zero the professional exposure to irradiation of the operator and to eliminate the risk of casualties in case of explosion of the inspected vehicles which is a very important factor as stated by the international regulators.

ROBOSCAN integrates also unparalleled intelligence and security facilities extending its utility much more than a standard scanner machine – the full option configuration offers unique features such as: full video surveillance of the scanning area, automatic license plate recognition subsystem, specialized under-vehicle video inspection system, and trace detection for narcotics and explosives and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) detection capability.

ROBOSCAN can also be fully integrated into advanced integrated Homeland Security Systems with full operation capability over secured Internet connections. The scanned images can be automatically stored on a remote server even without knowledge of the operators, dramatically increasing the level of awareness related to cargo inspection with extremely positive effects on possible corruption practices.

ROBOSCAN offers, in standard configuration, numerous security, safety and automation facilities, being the most technologically advanced Gamma scanner currently known on the world market. ROBOSCAN contains the latest technological developments from the fields of nuclear physics, software, automation, mechanics, automotive, telecommunications and security developed by highly skilled engineers.

2. Cost Optimized Solution

ROBOSCAN is not just the most advanced Gamma scanner, but also the most cost-effective scanner in the world, considering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a life time of minimum 10 years, being at least 2 times cheaper than any other Gamma technology competitor scanner and at least 3 times cheaper than any LINAC technology competitor scanner.

Comparing ROBOSCAN’s 10 years TCO to that of linear-accelerator technology (LINAC) mobile scanners traditionally called x-ray scanners, we need to consider 3 - 4 times TCO cheaper for ROBOSCAN, since it needs only 1 operator/shift, versus at least 3 operators/shift required by all other competing products. In addition, ROBOSCAN’s operator can work a full 8 hours/shift, not being exposed at all to ionizing irradiation, versus 4 up to maximum 6 hours/shift in case of all competitor’s products, which have the operator’s cabin built on the scanner’s chassis, inside the exclusion area, permanently exposed to the risk of professional exposure to ionized irradiation.

The cost effective solution is generated as well by the fact that the ROBOSCAN requires no external power generator, has the lowest fuel consumption (less than 3 liters of diesel/hour) and the lowest maintenance cost due to high reliability and robustness of the concept and fabrication. The full metallic structure is manufactured in stainless steel (vs standard steel for all other manufacturers).

3. Mobile System Versus Fixed Or Removable System

Mobility is a key aspect in today’s ports and borders with ever increasing threats and fast changes in safety and security standards and regulations. ROBOSCAN is a highly versatile and flexible mobile scanner that can also be used as a fixed scanner, allowing 3 operations modes;

  • 1-by-1 stationary vehicle scanning (optimized solution in terms of penetration and image resolution in small sites);
  • Sequential scanning of a number of vehicles placed in a line for a higher throughput (optimized solution in terms of penetration and image resolution in large sites);
  • Fixed portal scanner, though which the inspected vehicles pass in order to be fully scanned at low speed of about 10-15 km/hour (optimized solution in terms of throughput). For this operation mode, see our comments regarding driver’s exposure to ionizing irradiation.

The high mobility of ROBOSCAN can create a significantly increased “discouraging effect” among contrabandists, smugglers and/or terrorists, due to the possibility to use the mobile scanner randomly, in various locations.

4. User Friendly & Error Free Human Machine Interface (HMI)

ROBOSCAN has integrated in the development of software application the latest principles as green product and dark gray interface to avoid operator’s eyes fatigue, and human error protection algorithms by enabling for each scanning process step only the logic and valid commands affiliated with it, while disabling all other commands that could lead to human errors.

ROBOSCAN offers the highest IT integration level of all security technologies, for a cost effective and extremely versatile solution, representing a complete inspection & security check point.

5. Gamma-ray vs. LINAC (X-ray)

ROBOSCAN represents a modern day solution for the constant increased needs of port and border security, balancing perfectly between the necessity of a high throughput and reasonable cost of fast & non-intrusive inspection and control and radiation safety regulations.

Currently there are known 3 types of scanning technology for containers and trucks:

  • Gamma scanners
  • Linear Accelerators scanners (LINAC)
  • Back Scatter technology scanners

Using Gamma scanning technology, ROBOSCAN achieves a penetration of 130 up to 180 mm in steel, reaching a high throughput of up to 200 long trucks per hour. Such reasonable level of penetration generates a Final Control Ratio Acceptance of about 91-92% of all trucks/containers reaching a control point; about 7-8 % of trucks/containers needing physical control.

Alternatively, by using a LINAC scanner, the achieved steel penetration is 270 to 300 mm, however the throughput is maximum 20 trucks per hour, which leads down to a FCRA of only 14 %*, meaning that more than 6 times less trucks inspected by the X-ray equipment when compared with ROBOSCAN’s capabilities.

Logical considerations tells us that if a scanned truck or a passenger vehicle – shows, during the scanning process, a steel object with more than 180 mm thickness, then it will be advisable to route that truck to physical control, making any additional penetration capability useless in the daily routine activity.

Another highly disregarded disadvantage of LINAC scanners is related to the significantly higher risk of operator professional exposure to ionizing irradiations, as well as to a much larger exclusion area for operation, 50% larger than for ROBOSCAN, which sometimes is simply not available on site because of the limited area available for scanning.

The risk of irradiation for the operator of ROBOSCAN is down to ZERO, as the operator is situated completely outside the exclusion area and this exclusion area is significantly smaller in case of the Gamma ray technology.

The Back Scatter Technology scanners have the detector array on the same side as the radiation source/generator, providing limited details about the cargo, but penetrating only few centimeters in to the cargo. The radiation penetration is dramatically limited at the side surface, thus not penetrating the full cargo and consequently providing very low and limited information about the full content of a truck/container.

ROBOSCAN was designed having as primary objective the optimized cost performances combination in terms of penetration, image resolution, material discrimination, radiation safety and maintenance cost, in order to have the best penetration rate, with the lowest possible radiation dose, the reasonable spatial resolution, the smallest size of exclusion area and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

6. Ionizing Irradiation Protection And Nuclear Waste

In terms of radiation dose calculation for one scan, ROBOSCAN uses a very low radiation activity and dose for the primary protection of the inspected vehicle driver. Using a Cobalt 60 radiation source and a scanning speed of minimum 10 km/hour in drive through mode, the radiation dose of 0.078 μSv absorbed by the vehicle driver, or the passengers of a bus/car, while passing through our system’s portal is well below the limit of 0.1 μSv set for the general population by the European and International regulatory bodies for nuclear safety.

In comparison, by using LINAC technology in the same conditions, the radiation dose is up to 800 (eight hundred) times higher, exposing the driver of the scanned vehicle to dangerous radiation levels, which is strictly forbidden by the regulatory bodies for nuclear safety.

The radiation protection of the operators of LINAC scanner is a compromise solution, since the operator’s cabin is placed on the chassis of the scanner, only a few meters distance from the LINAC source, needing heavy lead shielding walls, never thick enough to ensure 100% protection in all cases.

Considering the extremely high probability to have humans (illegal immigrants) hidden inside the inspected truck/container at the land borders due to the geopolitical placing it is obvious that exposing them at the very high radiation level of a LINAC (300 mm penetration systems) puts in danger their life, causing them irreversible health effects that generates a humanitarian serious issue.

A LINAC scan on possible hidden illegal people inside the scanned vehicle or container is in strong contradiction with the A.L.A.R.A. principle (AS Low As Reasonably Achievable) set by the International Atomic Energy Association headquartered in Vienna. ROBOSCAN’s technology is fully compliant with ALARA principle in radiation protection.

ROBOSCAN uses such a low activity radiation source that in case of a human passing through the scanning frame at 10 km/hour speed accumulates the same radiation dose as flying 2 minutes at 10,000 meters altitude.

Due to its extremely low level of radiation dose ROBOSCAN can be used as well as a tool to detect hidden persons in large parcel of cargo in containers and trucks, without affecting their health and in full compliance with the international radiation safety guidelines.

No nuclear waste generated in the end user’s country

Nuclear waste management is managed by the manufacturer of ROBOSCAN repatriating in the manufacturer’s country all the used nuclear sources, not generating any nuclear waste on the end user’s territory. ROBOSCAN comes with prompt assistance and technical support and integrates a web access software platform, allowing remote diagnosis, service and upgrade, as well as web operation of the machine over an Internet connection. A GPS monitoring terminal can be integrated as option in order to have a permanent real time geo-location and movement digital data.

7. Unique And Unparalleled Integrated Intelligence Gathering Facilities

ROBOSCAN offers optional facilities being not just a scanning machine, but also a highly complex integrated inspection and intelligence gathering system, allowing an authorized supervisor located anywhere in the world, having access rights and appropriate password, to supervise and control all processes in the scanning area, via Internet connection, including to take control over all system commands and parameters. ROBOSCAN can be optionally equipped with an integrated satellite link for remote access virtually anywhere on Earth.

Additional Integrated security features provided with ROBOSCAN:

  • Video and audio surveillance of the scanning area, including PTZ controls of a high speed / high zoom / high resolution dome video IP camera;
  • Document scanning, saving and forensic examination of all transport documents;
  • Radiography and real image matching and storage in the database for remote supervision and verification/investigations;
  • Front view and under-view video images of all vehicles entering into the scanning area;
  • Document forensic examination with Video Spectral Comparator included in the standard kit supply, for identification of forged documents;
  • Automatic passport reader with passport security seals check;
  • Database support with “black box” feature to store all commands, feedbacks and messages useful for future event investigations;
  • Radioactive material detection (with an additional scanning after the standard scan) or additional hardware/software for a higher throughput rate.
  • Under view video camera to capture a live image of the underside of the inspected vehicle.
  • Material discrimination ORGANICS / MINERALS, being the only dual energy Gamma scanner in the world. The dual-energy imaging option included with the system makes the operator’s job considerably easier as it colors material depending on its atomic number. • For this feature, we will exemplify with the case of a truck carrying car parts with a plastic explosive IED on board. The metallic car parts will be displayed on the operator monitor in blue color while the plastic explosive will be displayed in orange as it is organic.
    • The software application uses the following convention for displaying the materials:
    - Atomic number < 10 – organic – Orange
    - Atomic number 10 – 20 – light inorganic – Green
    - Atomic number 20 – around 45 dense inorganic – Blue
    - Atomic number above 45 – heavy metals / very dense materials – Dark Blue

8. “ECO Friendly” Technology

ROBOSCAN is supplied in standard with a Euro 5 anti-pollution standard diesel engine. All other competitor’s mobile scanners are equipped with additional power generators that are usually Euro 2 or maximum Euro 3 norm compliant, lowering the anti-pollution standard of the full equipment down to the level of the power generator standard.

9. Lowest Size And Curb Weight

ROBOSCAN has a total weight of maximum 7,5 tons, being the lightest scanner in the world, as well as the smallest overall dimensions.

As a result, ROBOSCAN doesn’t needs any special oversized or over weight transport authorization and can access any type of public roads, including mountain roads, or city center. This confers ROBOSCAN the unique feature of being capable to perform random controls anywhere and at any time, operated by a single operator, thus increasing the discouraging effect on the criminal, smugglers or terrorist actors and increasing the system’s overall utility and efficiency.

This also means that ROBOSCAN will be able to perform a scan immediately after shipping as opposed to LINAC scanners that need to be assembled in their final configuration in their countries of destination.

10. International Recognition of The Technology and Intellectual Property Rights

ROBOSCAN has proven its technological and innovative value by receiving numerous and prestigious international awards, from outstanding scientific and administrative institutions such:

  • The Grand Trophy of the “International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva” ( awarded to ROBOSCAN’S technology as the best invention in the world in 2009. Geneva Invention Exhibition is the most prestigious and traditional international inventions fair in the world, having a history of 38 years and a notorious international jury of 85 members, all of them recognized personalities in the world of science and technology. This heterogeneous jury unanimously decided that ROBOSCAN’S technology is the newest and the most technologically advanced mobile imaging system in the world.
  • The Best Inventor Award in 2009 awarded by World International Property Organization (WIPO), the only international institution of United Nations charged to manage all the inventions and intellectual property all over the world.
  • The Grand Trophy of Romania invention Exhibition INVENTICA 2009.
  • The Gold Medal awarded at the International Warsaw Inventions Show in 2009.
  • The Gold Medal awarded at the International Inventions Fair of the Middle East – Kuwait ( in 2008.